Art Gallery

Regarding the camera, the dark room, the drawing boards etc we mentioned in the section ‘About Us’ – when these aforementioned items became obsolete, we had extra studio space to play with and so a contemporary art gallery was born.

Doubtfire Gallery was established in 2010 by our design partnership, re-introducing the name of the previous characterful owner, Madame Doubtfire, who ran a second-hand clothing store in what is now Frame Creative and Doubtfire Gallery. More info on her in our gallery website,

The gallery operates as a separate, contemporary art gallery, showing a range of fine art alongside work with a strong graphic connection.

The design studio (while possibly lamenting the passing of the drawing boards and glue) now has the luxury of working alongside some of the best artists, illustrators and graphic designers in the country. Truly inspirational! Here’s one here – one of our heroes, James Hutcheson, with Jane.