About Us

It seems like the eighties were only yesterday. Building up a client base, working days (and nights) to meet deadlines, establishing premises (in an attic in York Place, Edinburgh) and officially kicking off Frame Creative as a formal entity in 1989.

I don’t think we will ever forget disassembling our giant Agfa repro camera, humping it up four floors to our garret – and having an engineer put it back together in our darkroom, one of three rooms, all of which ran at a slope of about 30 degrees. It was an uphill climb from the camera to the drawing board in more ways than one.

After only a few gluey, scalpel blading, spraymount breathing, type speccing, mask laying years, we embraced new digital technology at its earliest stage and we continue to do so today.

One thing that runs through this ever-changing landscape is a clear and fresh creative approach to all our projects and the best quality production possible in any media.

This is the place where an outstanding mix of creative skills and talent, enhanced by the best digital technology, produces fresh and original design for screen, print and web, together with innovative, muscular strategies for brand development and marketing.